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Ciudad nítida, Ciudad Limpia, Xela es la gran ciudad
It is considered the second most important city from Guatemala because of its history and its great commercial affluence; here you can enjoy  its historic richness,
culture, traditions, food variety, nightlife as well as its kind a and cordial people.   This city was founded by Pedro de Alvarado (spanish) on May 15th. 1524
and it still has many Mayan-kiche traditions.    Under the special and spectacular light of Luna de Xelaju (Xelaju´s moon) you can enjoy  the nightlife and the cold
weather, which by the the way would be better enjoyed with a delicious cup of chocolate and the traditional “shecas” (a type of bread covered by flour).
La Marimba El Arco Catedral Metropolitana
San Nicolás Catedral Metropolitana Ayuntamiento
Teatro Roma El Calvario Templete
La Pedrera Templete El Calvario
INVO San Bartolomé Estadio Mario Camposeco
El Baúl Fotos: Jorge Mario García Teatro Municipal