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Wath to do in Xela?
Fotos: Jorge Mario García

The restaurants and coffee shops that you should visit because of their typical  food, their spectacular view and ther special atmosphere are: Café Baviera, Tranvía de los Altos Retaurant, Restaurante Albamar, Casa del Prado, Café La Luna, Café-Bar Tecún and UtzHua.                               Copyrigth


There are two famous handcraft makers in Quetzaltenango, Vitra wich specializes in glassblowing articles and Creaciones Utzil, wich makes beautiful dolls that wear the different traditional clothes from all around Guatemala.


Xela is 7,324 feet above sea level and because of that its weather is mostly cold and humid.  The temperature varies from 35.6grades F to 71.6 grades F.


Quetzaltenango city is surrounded by hills and volcanoes.  The most famous ones are: Cerro El Baúl (its has a magnificent view of the city and the mountains and adequate places to have barbecues and picnics).
Cerro La Muela, Volcán Santa María (it has an altitude of 12,208 feet and because of that is the favorite destination of the climbing  and hiking lovers) and La Laguna de Chicabal (its is a beautiful lagoon that is located on the crater of a Vulcano, you can get there from the village of San Martín Sacatepéquez -14 km from Quetzaltenango).